Frequently Asked Questions about the Budget 



How did the budget get on the ballot?  


In March of 2022, the Monroe Free Library Board of Trustees voted unanimously to petition for a budget increase for the 2022 election for the 2023 Monroe Free Library Operating Budget. From May until July the Monroe Free Library Board of Trustees petitioned for signatures from the residents in the library’s service area. In order to get on the ballot, the library needed to submit 743 signatures (10% of the voters who voted in the last gubernatorial election) to the Town clerk and then to the Orange County board of elections. By July 2022, the library collected 883 signatures that were then submitted to the Town Clerk and approved by the Town of Monroe Council members. Once it was approved, it was submitted to the Orange County Board of Elections.  


How much is the library asking for?  

The library is asking for $35,000.  


When was the last budget vote & what were the results?  

The last budget vote was in 2021 and it did not pass by 65 votes.  


How much will this increase my taxes?  

The average homeowner will see their library tax increase by approximately $3.50 for the year. 

Why are you asking for a budget increase when you just went fine free?

With our senior citizens already being fine free and our courtesy of automatic renewals, we have already seen a significant decrease in the amount of fines that we collect. Last year, we only collected $2,970.20 in fines and lost items. Bottom line- our fine free income does not support our operating budget but it does have a significant impact on ensuring our patrons have continuous access to our resources. 


When do I vote on this budget & how?  

The Election takes place on Tuesday, November 8, 2022. The library proposition is on the back of the ballot.  


How do I know I am a registered voter?  

You can use this website ( ) to see if you are registered to vote.  


How do I know where to vote? 

Check out this website ( ) to look up your voter poll site.  


What happens if the budget doesn’t pass? 


If the budget does not pass, then the library will be operating off a 2019 budget in an economy of 8.5% inflation. We have not had a budget increase since 2019 and in 2020 we did not petition for an increase due to covid and in 2021 we lost by 65 votes. 



How will the money from the budget increase be spent?







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