(n). a rumbling noise produced by the movement of gas through the intestines


(v) to cheer; to make a shrill, chirping sound


(n.) a general survey, synopsis or digest of something.


(n). a person given to voluble, empty talk.  Nonsense, blather.


(n.) a word or phrase resulting from mishearing a word or phrase, especially in a song.


(v). To engage in boisterous merrymaking; to revel; to carouse.


(n.) a Bantu language of northern Angola.


(n.) a large, showy finch of the southwestern United States and MExico having a gray back and a breast and crest which are rose-colored (in the male) and yellowish (in the female).


Photo from Flickr user dad_and_clint


(n.) a group or association of four people


(adj.) the side of a coin, medal, flag, etc., that bears the principal design
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